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About your Massage

Many people come to the massage table unsure of what to expect. Even with the widespread use of therapeutic massage, so many people have not experienced a massage and are not sure how to take an active role in getting the most out of their massage.

Although I am the massage therapist, believe it or not I still need your help to make your massage a positive and beneficial experience for you. :) You can do many things before, during and after the massage to facilitate your therapy; I hope you will find the suggestions below helpful in maximizing the benefits of your massage with me.

Preparing for your Massage

The most important preparation: PREPARE TO RELAX. The more relaxed you become BEFORE your massage, the deeper the relaxation you'll experience AT your massage and, if you're being treated for an injury, less time and energy will be spent GETTING to the problem and more time and energy will be spent TREATING the problem. . . if you are relaxed ;-)

Here are more preparations you can make for a great massage:

  • Prepare your body with a bath or shower.
    • Bathing before your massage will warm you AND your muscles up, making you AND your muscles more relaxed!
    • You and I will both be more comfortable if your body is clean. Remember you'll soon be on my table wearing a sheet and most likely nothing else. You are not going to be able to relax if you realize in the middle of your massage that your feet stink, for example.
    • Don't wear makeup, excessive perfume, etc.
  • Pick out a relaxing cassette or compact disc to bring to your massage.
    • I have an eclectic music collection (including relaxing new age music, etc.) you can choose to listen from during your massage but I also enjoy getting to know new music . . . AND getting to know more about YOU from the kind of music you bring in to share during your massage!
  • Don't eat too much.
    • You don't want to be starving, but you might be uncomfortable during your massage if you're stuffed.


At your Massage:

The most important thing to remember at your massage: RELAX.

Before giving you specific information on what to do and expect at your massage, let me quickly describe a typical positive massage experience:

After looking forward to your massage all week, you arrive and are welcomed into my and my family's home. You are impressed by my substantial CD collection (haha) and we talk a little about what YOU want or need out of your massage. I show you into the private room where your massage will take place. You are in a clean, professional yet warm homey room with plants, a stereo, books about massage, and a padded massage table. I leave the room while you disrobe in privacy. You get up on the table and lay face down, covering yourself with a sheet. Ahhhhh . . . you sigh deeply and begin melting into the table, looking forward to an hour of very special treatment.

After making sure you are prepared, I come back with warm oil. Your eyes are closed and all you hear is soft music, a bubbling fish tank, and the floor creaking a little under my feet. Your massage begins with strong, gentle hands smoothly gliding over your back. The oil is fragrant and allows my hands to glide with no resistance on your skin.

The massage proceeds, customized to your needs and wants. When you wanter lighter or heavier pressure, you communicate this to me; lo and behold, your wish is my command! This is YOUR massage. You ask for special attention to "that bump on your neck" and I oblige you. You are not too shy to let me know, "this feels good!" Great! Now I know that you like special attention to your . . . elbows? Wow! I'll remember that next time.

By the end of your massage you are amazed to discover how many parts of your body you've ignored. You probably never *knew* that your calves, fingertips, and even your earlobes held so much tension until I massaged them!

I leave the room and you lay in solitude, continuing to enjoy the music and your newfound relaxation before eventually getting up, dressing . . . and of course coming out to set your next appointment!

Here are some more tips for getting the most out of your massage and information about what to expect:

  • Your main job is to relax. You don't need to "help" me in any way that requires you to lift a finger on your own or flex a muscle. The most you should do is roll over when I ask you to do so. I will probably manipulate parts of your body by lifting them (arms, legs, head, etc.). Don't worry that you are too heavy and need to "help"; just relax and allow yourself to be lifted. Your body should be passive, while your mind should be actively focused on a) relaxing, and b) communicating your needs as they arise.
  • Your feedback is important. Massage is a rewarding experience both for you AND me. Please allow yourself to sigh, relax, and "get into" the massage. Your body language and vocalizations are important ways for me to measure my success. It is equally important for you to tell me if something is uncomfortable or painful to you. Yes, you are allowed to say "ooww!" or "stop!"

It's amazing but there *are* people who go through a massage as though they are in a doctor's clinic getting a shot or preparing for an amputation. Your massage will only "work" if you allow yourself to let go and give yourself permission to FEEL GOOD! You aren't getting stitches or having a bone reset, you're getting a massage. :)


After your Massage

You need to KEEP RELAXING!

During massage, toxins are pushed out of your muscles and released into your bloodstream. Drink lots of water to help flush out the toxins. You may also be sore - massage is almost like a form of passive exercise.

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